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PROVAL LOGISTICS was founded in 2008 by; Mr. MORUF A. EDUN; Within one year, his business was racing past competitors, and by 2009, Proval logistics was one of the time-critical delivery organizations. Over the cost of its growth, Proval has worn many hats including the CEO, Customer Service Representatives, Driver, and Accountant too.

The organization continues to deliver service excellence to its growing customer’s base from 36 locations nationwide.


At the heart of our mission is customer satisfaction. It begins with the courtesy and helpfulness of our service reps and dispatchers. It is enhanced by speed and professionalism of our couriers. Failure to deliver for our customers is not acceptable, that is why we bring a “We Say yes” attitude to our jobs each day.
To provide competitive prices that remains competitive. We strive to keep our prices competitive and constant and to reflect true value for money.
We are committed to providing the high standards of customer care that we expect from our own suppliers. We understand that you have a choice!
Proval reduces your costs and increases your revenue. Whether time is of essence or the cost of the delivery is the focus, Proval suite of courier services will have the solution for your courier requirements. Our customer service team is fully trained and has huge specialist knowledge to handle any enquiry. We constantly monitor EVERY delivery and ensure each consignment is delivered ON TIME EVERY TIME.
As we continue to grow, we will always put our customers first.
We look forward to making you our next customer.



Through listening to our customers, we aim to develop and extend the range, nature and quality of our services and through investment in training of our staff, empower them to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers.
We are Responsible vendors to our customers and good employers to our people.
We empower our employees to achieve personal excellence thus enhancing the customer experience.
We strive to achieve excellence in all we do.
To provide comprehensive logistics services in a competent manner, at competitive rates.



Receive palletised and priority cargo - deliver / distribute anywhere in Nigeria.

Door to Door
We offer air & sea freight service door to door, with real time pick from clients

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